Curious case of Bishnu Majhi, Unbelievable Mystery (Biography)

There is a well known singer, a lok singer very popular and highly demanded.

New songs of the singer are released every now and then. Most of the songs are hit songs.

There is a high demand of the singer but, nobody can talk to her or meet her.

She earns millions but, her parents are living in a very poor condition.

The singer’s father hasn’t only seen his daughter once in a decade. He hasn’t seen his grand children and has never seen the son-in-law of 10 years – Sundar Mani Adhikari.

Yes, I am talking about Bishnu Majhi – the mysterious singer of Nepal.

I made a biography video a few weeks ago. Kantipur’s Saptahik has published a detailed report on how Bishnu Majhi can’t be contacted and has compiled all the information available aobut the singer.

Bishnu Majhi’s father:

Biography of Bishnu Majhi:

  • Name – Bishnu Majhi
  • Father – Tara Bahadur Majhi
  • Mother – (Name not known)
  • Profession – Singer
  • Birth Place – Khoriyaghat, Chapakot, Syangja
  • Married to – Sundarmani Adhikari
  • Marriage date – 2069 Mangsir 5 (Pokhara Municipality record)
  • Children – A twin (born around 2015)

Sundarmani Adhikari met Bishnu Majhi in a program held in Butwal. Adhikari convinced Bishnu Majhi to go to Kathmandu with him to make a singing career. Adhikari is credited for the popularity Bishnu has gained. He does all the management of her singing. They lived together for a while before formally marrying. Adhikari’s family wasn’t happy initially on the marriage. But, later they accepted Majhi has their daughter-in-law.

In Kathmandu, the exact location of her residence is not known. Some say that she lives in Naya Bazar area, but that is not confirmed yet.

Majhi’s birthplace Syangja is home to a lot of other well known singers like Bhagawan Bhandari, Badri Pangeni, Ek Narayan Bhandari, Rupak Dotel, Ramji Khand.

Majhi is just a signer. The lyrics and music of the songs she sing are usually written and composed by her husband Adhikari.

and Badri Pangeni says:

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