4 new movies released today for Dashain holidays

To cash the festive mood during the biggest Nepali festival and the longest public holidays, film makers have released four new movies on Friday, October 19. The movies released today include ‘Dhunwaa Yo Nasha’, ‘Ke Ma Timro Saathi Banna Sakchhu’, ‘So Simple’ and ‘Loot Company’.

Out of the four, two are releasing in theaters all over Nepal and two,  ‘Dhuwaa Yo Nasha’ and ‘So Simple’ are releasing in only the theaters out of Kathmandu. Both of them will be featured in Kathmandu theaters next week on October 26.

Dhuwaa Yo Nasha

‘Dhuwaa Yo Nasha’ is being released only in the theaters out of Kathmandu and will come to theaters in Kathmandu next week, on October 26. The movie previously named ‘Dhuwaa’ had to be renamed because of another movie by the same name was under production. The movie is directed by Laxman Rijal and features Aryan Sigdel and Nisha Adhikari in leading roles. 

So Simple

Another new release ‘So Simple’, is director Shiva Regmi‘s creation in which he has debuted his daughter Bhawana Regmi in leading role. Another debut actor Pramod Bhardwaj is the brother of it’s script writer Pradip Bhardwoj. ‘So Simple’ will also release in Kathmandu on Kartik 10 (October 26). In addition to the main leads of Bhawana Regmi and Pramod Bhardwaj, other actors like Raj Ballav Koirala, Ashok Sharma, Sweta Bhattarai, Sushil Pokharel, Nirmal Sharma, Rashmi Bhatta are also featured in main roles in the movie.

Ke Ma Timro Saathi Banna Sakchhu

The movie ‘Ke Ma Timro Saathi Banna Sakchhu’ is produced by Krisha Chaulagai and is being released in theaters all over Nepal. This movie features Aryan Sigdel in the leading role (his another movie  and it also debuts a new actress, Dipti Giri in lead roles.

Loot Company

Another new movie releasing all over Nepal is ‘Loot Company’ which seem to cash in the popularity of the hit movie ‘Loot‘. The action comedy movie is produced features actors Dil Krishna Shrestha, Prajwal Giri, and Sanjog Rana.

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