A love story of Deepa Singh – Kohinoor Singh – Ani Losang Dolma – Deepa Golyan…

The names in the title are all of one person – the model popularly known as Kohinoor Singh. An online magazine has has unearthed that she is currently married to the member of one of the prominent business groups in Nepal – Shankar Group.

Deepa Singh by birth to the Indian father and Nepali mother, changed her name to Kohinoor Singh to start a career as a model. The online news site says that her affair with the youngest son of Shankar Golyan got into trouble she announced to become an Ani and changed her name to Ani Losang Dolma. That was after doing more than 25 music videos and modeling for almost 10 years, she decided to practice celibacy.

It came as a surprise to see the model in monk dress and she made headlines at that time. In an interview at that time, she told that becoming an Ani was easy and she could give-up becoming a nun at anytime and start living a normal life, if she wanted.

And yes, she stopped being Ani after about a year and got married to her boyfriend, the youngest son of the Shankar Lal Golyan, Shahil Golyan. That was not an easy task to get married to a model for Shahil. His father took Shahil to India to get married but Shahil ran away from the marriage in the last minute – forcing his father to reconsider letting him to marry the Kohinoor, the Ani at that time.

After the marriage Kohinoor changed back to the original name, Deepa, and started to live a low-profile life. She is also in the post of one of the directors of the group. Screenshot from the website is posted below. (The Shankar Group’s website, shankargroup.com, however is taken offline now.)


During her modeling days, there was a rumor of her affair with Nabin K Bhattarai. In an interview, she admitted of getting phone calls from Nabin’s fans threatening her to leave him.

Here are some of Kohinoor’s modeling shots in 2004.




And the Ani:



5 thoughts on “A love story of Deepa Singh – Kohinoor Singh – Ani Losang Dolma – Deepa Golyan…

  1. Nepal should admire her courage and honesty, she is a genuine article, shame on the people who posts terrible and negative things about a brave girl, she has done more in her life than any person I know, she deserves best wishes. She has made a life, career, family. Congratulations on all your Success

  2. wat a puz story is it real, or it is self created short of script, blah blah, but ultimately, c cheated herself & famous in this illusion that we dieing to know more abt her……… be constant…..

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