Deepawali, Laxmi Puja 2014 Photos of Nepali film artists (update)

Deapawali is the festival of lights and color. Nepali artists celebrate the festival with a lot of jest and enthusiasm. Laxmi, the goddess of wealth is worshipped along with money and wealth. Oil lights and electric lights are lighted in and around the house.

In a new trend, colorful rangoli are drawn with depiction of Laxmi’s feet on rice flour to guide the goddess of wealth into the house.  Here are some photos of the Deepawali celebration in the homes of some of the Nepali film artists.

Rekha Thapa

Actress Rekha Thapa took tika and blessing from her mother and worshipped Laxmi on Laxmi Puja.

rekha thapa deepawali 2014 taking tika

Karishma Manandhar

Actress Karishma Manandhar also did Laxmi Puja by drawing a beautiful rangoli and lightings.

karishma manandhar deepawali 2014 (2)

Keki Adhikari

Actress Keki Adhikari also did her version of Rangoli and celebration:

keki adhikari rangoli and deepawali

Neeta Dhungana

Actress Neeta Dhungana worshipped the Laxmi goddess and cash in Deepawali:

neeta dhungana deepawali and laxmi puja

Rajani KC

‘Loafer’ actress Rajani KC worshipped Laxmi on Laxmi Puja.

rajani kc deepawali laxmi puja

Poojana Pradhan

Actress Poojana Pradhan is currently in Malaysia to participate in a Tihar cultural program.

poojana pradhan

Singer Mausami Gurung poses with Bhailo Team:

mausami gurung with bhailo team

Sagun Shahi

Actress and model Sagun Shahi also celebrated Laxmi Puja by worshiping the Laxmi goddess:

sagun shahi laxmi puja

Actress Sagun Shahi poses for a Tihar photoshot:

Sagun shahi deepawali photosession

Reema BK

Actress Reema Bishowkarma also created a beautiful rangoli to celebrate Laxmi Puja.

reema BK - tihar rangooli 2014 (3)

Binita Baral

Actress and farmer Binita Baral is currently out of country. But, being away from home didn’t stop her from celebrating the festival of lights – Laxmi Puja. Here is the photo of Binita siting beside the rangoli she made in Laxmi Puja 2014 and lighting fire crackers :

binita baral rangoli in foreign country 2014

binita baral fire rackers diwali 2014

Ashishma Nakarmi

Actress Ashishma Nakarmi‘s selfie during the photoshot of Deepawali 2014:

ashishma nakarmi deepawali

Model Tirsana Budhathoki worships the goddess Laxmi:

tirsana budhothaki ithar 2014

Photo credits – the artists

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