Nepali Movie – What is Love

Nepali Movie – What Is Love
Starring – Hari Udasi, Krishma Khanal, Rajan Jung Thapa, Surbir Pandit, Rashmi Bhatta, Digbijaya KC, Sita Kandel, Tirsana Budhathoki etc.
Director – Hari Udasi

This is a new movie, not released in theatre yet.

About ‘What is Love’

Nepali movie ‘What is Love’ is a new movie released online. The movie is made under Sharada Films banner. The playback singers in the movie are Rejina Rimal, Hari Udasi and Binita Karki. Lyrics are written by the director Hari Udasi. Background score prepared by Ramji Lamicchhane, choreographer is Ajaya Syangtan, editor is Jeo Gaurav, cinematography by Rameshowr Jirel, and action by Raju Kirati and Sonam Lama. The producer of the movie is Sharada Thapa Shrestha.

Watch ‘What is Love’ in full
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Tirsana Budhathoki paints #BackOffIndia on her body (video report)

The controversial model Tirsana Budhathoki has decided to go artistic by painting her body in Nepali flag and the problem caused by the Indian blockade. The controlled blockade at the Indian border has caused a very harsh condition in the livelihood of Nepali people. The people have been going through acute shortage of daily essentials like cooking gas, vehicle fuel, aircraft fuel and medicine.

Video report:

Although the Indian government officials deny such blockade and blame the agitating Madhesh parties in the Terai region. But, the Indian government officials had been telling that the blockade is done to punish Nepal for not listening them in writing the Constitution.

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Deepawali celebration of Nepali artists (2015 Photo feature)

Like last year, I have collected the photos of the Nepali celebrities celebrating Laxmi Puja. (Visit 2014 Diwali celebration photo feature)

A video report on the Diwali celebration of Nepali actresses:

Photo report:

Photo 1 – Actress Karishma Manandhar decorating the rangoli she made. Choreographer Govinda Rai was also with Karishma during the decoration:

Photo 2 – Actress Ashma DC worshiping the goddess Laxmi on Laxmi Puja. Ashma had also made a rangoli before the evening worship.

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Deepawali, Laxmi Puja 2014 Photos of Nepali film artists (update)

Deapawali is the festival of lights and color. Nepali artists celebrate the festival with a lot of jest and enthusiasm. Laxmi, the goddess of wealth is worshipped along with money and wealth. Oil lights and electric lights are lighted in and around the house.

In a new trend, colorful rangoli are drawn with depiction of Laxmi’s feet on rice flour to guide the goddess of wealth into the house.  Here are some photos of the Deepawali celebration in the homes of some of the Nepali film artists.

Rekha Thapa

Actress Rekha Thapa took tika and blessing from her mother and worshipped Laxmi on Laxmi Puja.

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