Khagendra proposed and kissed Rekha Thapa

Khagendra Thapa Magar, world’s shortest person (62 cm) is only 4.6 kg in weight. When somebody meets the 18-year-old guy, the person can not resist carrying him.  This time it was actress Rekha Thapa who carried and kissed Khagendra. Khagendra returned the favor with numerous kisses and a marriage proposal.

The light-weight little guy Khagendra Thapa Magar is being an object of admiration among political leaders and film actors these days. Khagendra is collecting funds but, it looks like the political leaders were more concerned with carrying him rather than supporting financially. In my last post PM Nepal was carrying him on his lap.

After that, every major political leaders were seen photographed carrying Khagendra. Here is a collection of photographs of different leaders meeting Khagendra.

Prime Minister Madhav Kumar Nepal carrying Khagendra:

Prachanda (Puspa Kamal Dahal) carrying Khagendra

Prakash Dahal, son of Prachanda has also posed with Khagendra on his hands.

Looks like Sujata Koirala, Foreign Minister and DPM, chose not to touch the little fragile guy.

And, the PM again:

Khagendra has turned to the film actors for financial support. I hope they will do more than carry him and pose for photograph.

Update: Kantipur published a nice photo of Khagendra kissing Rekha Thapa. (credits: Sundar Shrestha of ekantipur)

Another photo in filmykhabar:

18 thoughts on “Khagendra proposed and kissed Rekha Thapa

  1. God always great Mr Khagendra Thapa Magar I always prayer with my God Actress Rekha Thapa will accept yours proposal before she will married God bless your dream.

  2. हेल्लो सबै नेपाली दाजु भाई लाई मेरो नमस्कार
    खगेन्द्र भाई ले मजा लिनु भयछ रेखाजी को गालामा चुम्मा खाएर यो देखेर त मलाई पनि खगेन्द्र जस्तै सानो भएर जन्म लिन रहर लाग्यो तर …………………………………………………………?

  3. yo ta joke jasto vayena ra netaharulai haso lagado hola kina ki nepal ko samabidana pani ta yestai gari noble book ma lekana vanera

  4. thapa magar is not worlds shortest man…worlds shortest man is BINBIN from china….its a fact of his guinness book of records…but his height 74.1cm…so if u want u can claim it…mr..thapa magar…best of luck.

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