Film promotion in Holi, Fitkiri, November Rain, Shree Panch Ambare and so on

Some film makers have utilized the festival of colors to promote their movies. The movies promoted while playing holi include ‘Fitkiree’, ‘Shree Paanch Ambare’, ‘Adhi Bato’ and ‘November Rain’.

sabin shrestha carries jenisha kc adhi bato

‘Adhi Bato’ promotion by Jenisha KC and Sabin Shrestha 

The ‘Fitkiree’ team comprising of the producer, director, artists and technicians played Holi and promoted their movies. The producer Arjun Kumar was also busy promoting the movie in all other Holi celebration programs.

fitkiree promo at holi

‘Shree Paanch Ambare’ is another movie announced recently. The film makers have signed in Saugat Malla and Keki Adhikari in leading roles. The movie to be directed by Deepa Basnet also organized a fun filled Holi celebration.

Keki Adhikari and Shree Panch Ambare team (3)

Keki and Saugat in ‘Shree Panch Ambare’ unit Holi celebration

‘Stupid Man’ film artists and actor Niraj Baral also wore a promotional t-shirt in Holi celebration.

november rain holi promotion

Similarly, ‘Jhelee’ unit celebrated Holi with TV Filmy. Binaya Shrestha’s movie ‘Resham Filili’ unit also celebrated Holi together.

Garima Panta, Prasanna Poudyal and Nandita Kc

Garima Pant promoting ‘Manle Manlai Chuncha’.

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