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Nepali Actors in 2010

This year, chocolaty actor Aryan Sigdel and action hero Biraj Bhatta ruled the movies. Aryan was common in most of the digital format movies released this year. Those were the movies targeted to young generation. In most of the action movies, Biraj Bhatta was featured. This year, Rajesh Hamal was mostly featured in supporting actor role. Another super hit actor, Nikhil Upreti, was mostly talked about his affair with actress Sanchita Luitel rather than the roles he played in movies.

After a long absence, comedy duo Madan Krishna Shrestha and Hari Bansha Acharya, popularly known as MaHa, appeared in the movie, Haasi Deu Ek Phera.  He movie however couldn’t meet the viewers’ expectation. It seems, the viewers were much happier to watch them in small screens rather than on big screens.

For the first time, Indian Idol Prashant Tamang stepped in acting through Gorkha Paltan and was successful in winning the hearts of the viewers. Following an usual trends for singers, testing acting as a career, this year, Prashant Tamang, Yash Kumar, Shree Krishna Luitel, and Babu Bogati have acted in various movies.

Bhuwan KC‘s son Anamol KC became heartthrob of young girls even before he appeared in his first movie. Bhuwan later realized that his son was too young to start his film career and stopped him from signing any movies for at least three years.

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