Four movies on Friday the 13th, Loot, Bazar, Sadak and Masti

On the 13th of January, Friday four Nepali movies are being released  in Kathmandu.

Although all the four movies Loot, Bazar, Sadak and Masti claim to be a hit, it is no secret that there simply aren’t enough Nepali movie lovers to watch more than one new movie in theaters.


Let’s know the movies in terms of their director and the lead actors:

  • Director Nischal Basnet’s movie Loot is currently being promoted by using a controversial item song “Udereko Choli…” featuring actress Sushma Karki. The success of the song might in some way help in attracting some viewers to watch Loot. The movie features Saugat Malla, Dayahang Rai, Karma, Richa Sharma, and Prateek Raj Neupane lead roles.
  • Another movie Bazar is the first movie produced and directed by fight master N.B. Maharjan. The producers expect the action in the movie to attract viewers to theater. Featuring (as SP Ramesh Kharel), Arjun Karki, Arunima Lamsal the star cast might also be a selling point.
  • The name of director Pradeep Shrestha’s movie, Sadak seems to have been taken from a Hindi movie. Movies named after Hindi movies aren’t usually liked by Nepali viewers. I don’t see any reason why Sadak might be an exception. Sadak features Aayush Rijal, Rekha Thapa, Sumina Ghimire in lead roles.
  • Director Madan Ghimire’s Masti sounds a fun movie. The movie features Nikhil Upreti and Jenisha KC in leading roles.

This type of releases pose a few questions like:

  • Was the talk of ’emergency in Nepali movie industry’, a mere talk?
  • Do the movies make a lot of money?
  • Don’t these movies have to be released in halls out of Kathmandu and be screened in Kathmandu after two years or more (like a lot of movies we have known of!) ?

Anyways, it is good to know that Nepali movie market has grown so big that it can handle 4 different movies on a single week! My best wishes to the producers of the movie.