Dhauli premiered in Pokhara, a love story against the caste system

A movie made on the story of higher class and lower class citizen ‘Dhauli’ was premiered in Pokhara on Saturday, June 13. The movie featuring Gita Adhikari as the central Character, Dhauli, features the love story of her son, Bir (played by Gajit Bista) and Anjana (Anu Shah), a higher class girl.

dhauli anu shah and gajit bista

The movie set in a village features and features village lifestyle. A lower caste woman, Dhauli, is working in a house of a higher caste owner, Kancho Shahu (played by Bishnu Gautam). Dhauli falls for Kancho Shahu and gets pregnant. When the affair is made public, Kancho was sent to the city and Dhauli was forced to leave the village. 

Although Dhauli and Kancha never married, their children marry and break the social wall raised between the higher and lower caste people.

Produced under the banner Spiny Babbler Creation, ‘Dhauli’ is directed by Ghanashyam Lamichhane. Although this is a directorial debut of Ghanshyam in big screen, he is a well known director of music videos and small-screen films. Sambhu Thapa and Santosh Atraya have jointly written the script and dialogue of ‘Dhauli’. Action director is Roshan Shrestha, cinematographer is Divya Subedi, and musicians are Kebal Gharti and Basanta Sapkota.

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