Friday Release – Chihan and Anautho Prem Katha

Two new Nepali movies are releasing on Friday, July 4. Director Badri krishna Shrestha’s movie ‘Chihan’ and Kanchan Shahi’s movie ‘Anautho Prem Katha’ are the new releases of this week.

friday release chihan and anutho prem katha


The movie by MRB Movies features Niraj Baral and Poojana Pradhan in leading role. The movie produced jointly by Menuka Shrestha, Ramesh Thapa and Vidhya Shrestha. Poojana says that the movie is a movie with message. She says that although she has made herself as a glamour actress. Poojana says, "Like ‘Shreeman’ the movie also doesn’t feature glamour scene. So, every viewers can watch the movie with family." 

Birendra Bhatta is the cinematographer, Sajjan Shrestha is the editor, Kabiraj Gahatraj is the choreographer, Astha Maharjan is the action director and Rekha Poudel is the music composer of the movie.

Anautho Prem Katha

Another new movie ‘Anautho Prem Katha’ is produced, written and directed by Kanchan Shahi. Kanchan says that the movie is true to it’s name and has an unusual love story. The movie featuring emerging actress Sushma Adhikari, Niranjan Thapa, Santosh Oli, and Sabina Tamrakar in leading role. 

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