Poojana Pradhan featured in new looks in ‘Mero Katha’

Actress Poojana Pradhan is going to be featured in new looks in her upcoming movie ‘Mero Katha’. The movie features the actress in a village looks. In the movie Poojana and Aayush Rijal are featured as guest artists.

The producer of the movie, Rabindra Baral, is also working as a fight director and cameraman in the movie.

Poojana_stri_new_look in-Mero_katha

Poojana was dragged in controversy when she did a bed scene in skimpy clothes in ‘Rakshya’. The photo on the poster of the movie was also controversial when Poojana claimed that the photo on the cover wasn’t her. The poster was promptly changed by the original photo of Poojana.

Given her getup, ‘Mero Katha’ might be a lot more decent movie. But, it is to be known if the actress who raised in fame by a bikini photoshot will be able to gain the similar popularity with a village looks. Time will surely tell the truth.

It is to be noted that Poojana’s career started after being featured in a bikini in a modeling website. Hot scenes suits the actress and it seems, the viewers prefer Poojana in such scenes.

Photo shows director Ashok Dhital, Poojana Pradhan, Dev Nep
al, and Aayush Rijal in the sets of ‘Mero Katha’

Photo credits – Poojana and Ashok Dhital

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