I don’t have a degree but I love my country, Karishma Manandhar responds

Actress Karishma Manahdar has written a long statement in response to the backlash she was receiving after numerous mistakes she did during the inaguration of Dr. Baburam Bhattarai’s new party, Naya Shakti Nepal. In the Facebook post, Karishma had mocked the so-called educated people who only complain about others and don’t do anything for the country. She had challenged them that she will win election and do good for the country and they should start preparing for the criticism for that future. The following video report has the full statement (in Nepali), a rough translation follows:

A rough translation of Karishma’s statement (written originally in Nepali):

I feel like writing something. There are a lot of scholars here. Those scholars become active when somebody makes a mistake or when they identify somebody else’s mistake. Naya Shakti Nepal inauguration program was the target of everybody to find the mistakes. I did some mistakes in the program. There might be a lot of other shortcomings in me, there might be a lot of things I might not know…

And, neither politics is my background, nor it had been of concern to me. I had never thought of being active in politics. And, today, I might have been happy by being an actress. I would have loved to wake up late, watch my photos published in online and magazines. That was all I had known and had wanted.

Who brought me in politics?

Why did I join politics?

What did the people (politicians) do, whose career itself was politics?

And, the other group who comprises of scholars, who write long articles to show their knowledge. They keep accounts of everything. They know why the country is failing and they know how to rescue the country. But, the scholars have been spreading their knowledge in magazines and they show their doctrine in Facebook and Twitter – but, the country remains as it is.

If you scholars had gone to politics, the country would already had been a developed country and the non-scholars like Karishma Manandhar wouldn’t need to start politics and promise to make it a developed country. That had been the bad luck for the country and good luck for me.

I would like to tell you write long articles, color the walls of social network and wit till I get the votes of the people and win election and contribute towards the development of the country. I know, the day is not that far. You better start preparing the script of how to make fun of me and criticize me. I have met a lot of people with degrees in the country and in foreign countries. Some of them even had triple-degree. But, excuse me, the society hasn’t been able to taste the result of those degrees.

I don’t have the degrees that you people have but, I have the love and care for the nation, that you people don’t have.

karishma manandhar challenge

In the event held last week, she had used English language wrongly and had called wrong names of the speakers and had difficulty reading the script she was given. I had also pointed out that it was not only the mistakes she did, there were some appreciable things she had done during the event.

A video compilation of some of the mistakes of Karishma:

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