Friday Release – Namaste Nepal and Jism

On Friday, July 15, 2016 two Nepali movies ‘Namaste Nepal’ and ‘Jism’ have released in theatres all over Nepal. Both of the movies are directed by Raju – one by Raju Shah and other by Raju Giri.

Namaste Nepal

The movie is directed by Raju Shah. ‘Namaste Nepal’ features Sabin Shrestha, Anuja Pradhan, and a number of Belgian artists.

namaste nepal friday release

The movie made under Dwarika Uday Production is produced jointly by Pradeep Kumar Uday, Mandira Shrestha and Sriju Shah. The script of the movie is written by the director Raju Shah and Gopal Dhakal ‘Chhande’. The movie features the music of Om Sunar, Basanta Sapkota and Riyaj Siwakoti. The cinematographer of Dibya Raj Subedi.

The movie ‘Namaste Nepal’ is special as the movie is shot in European countries like France, Belgium, and Germany.

A special show of the movie was held on Thursday. The in show, journalists and film artists were present.

Trailer of ‘Namaste Nepal’


The movie featuring Archana Paneru in leading role was supposed to be her debut movie. But, another movie titled ‘Chhesko’ was released before ‘Jism’. The failure of ‘Chhesko’ has degraded the expectation of ‘Jism’.

jism friday release

Like most of his previous movies, Raju Giri hasn’t been able to maintain the relationship with the actress Archana Paneru. As they are not in good terms, Archana is not promoting the movie and her attempt to stop it from releasing failed. The only attraction of the movie – Archana’s popularity has diminished at the time of the release of the movie.

The movie features Surendra Budha opposite to Archana Paneru. The musician of the movie is Yogesh Kaji.

Watch trailer of ‘Jism’

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