Is it over for Archana Paneru? Both Jism and Chhesko flopped.

The actress, Archana Paneru, raised in fame by posting sexually aggressive photos on social media. In a short span of time, a lot of things happened to her. She got kicked out of her school, was arrested twice, was chased away from home and landed in a couple of movies. After all that, Archana and her mother Sunita Paneru are currently dancing in a dance bar in Thamel with her (a short clip of her dancing is seen in the following video.)

Video 1 – What is the future of Archana Paneru?

Archana Paneru Timeline

  • September 2015 (first week) – Initial information about Archana Paneru
  • September 2015 (second week) – Archana Paneru was arrested, kicked out of her school (Watch Video 2)
  • September 2015 (second week) – Debut music video (watch Video 3)
  • October 2015 – Highly active in social media, the mother, Sunita Paneru, also started posting hot photos of herself (video 4)
  • November 2015 – They became Christian (video 5)
  • December 2015 – They were chased away by the locals (video 6)
  • January 2016 – Archana was featured in her second music video (Video 7)
  • February 2016 – Archana signed in Raju Giri’s movie ‘Jism’ (video 8)
  • February 2016 – Archana accused some producers of indecent proposals. (video 9)
  • March 2016 – ‘Jism’ team was arrested in Pokhara and released on bail. (video 10)
  • March 2015 (month end) – Raju Giri and Archana organized a press meet to admit their mistake.
  • April 2016 – ‘Jism’ approved by FDB
  • April 2016 – Archana Paneru and Sunita Paneru started dancing in a dance bar in Thamel. (video 11)
  • April 2016 (month end) – The relationship between Archana and Raju Giri turned sour (video 12)
  • May 2016 – Archana told ‘Chhesko’ was her debut movie. Announced that she would block the release of ‘Jism’ (video 13)
  • May 2016 – ‘Chhesko’ actress Pabitra Acharya pulled out of ‘Chhesko’ movie. (video 14)
  • June 2016 – ‘Chhesko’ released. A very bad review and flopped. The movie was made available in YouTube in a few days of release. Archana and FDB chief seen together in a press meet. (Video 15)
  • July 2016 – ‘Jism’ was released but Archana didn’t help in the promotion of the movie.

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Friday Release – Namaste Nepal and Jism

On Friday, July 15, 2016 two Nepali movies ‘Namaste Nepal’ and ‘Jism’ have released in theatres all over Nepal. Both of the movies are directed by Raju – one by Raju Shah and other by Raju Giri.

Namaste Nepal

The movie is directed by Raju Shah. ‘Namaste Nepal’ features Sabin Shrestha, Anuja Pradhan, and a number of Belgian artists.

namaste nepal friday release

The movie made under Dwarika Uday Production is produced jointly by Pradeep Kumar Uday, Mandira Shrestha and Sriju Shah. The script of the movie is written by the director Raju Shah and Gopal Dhakal ‘Chhande’. The movie features the music of Om Sunar, Basanta Sapkota and Riyaj Siwakoti. The cinematographer of Dibya Raj Subedi.

The movie ‘Namaste Nepal’ is special as the movie is shot in European countries like France, Belgium, and Germany.
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Raj Kumar Rai in Chhesko Press Meet, patch up with Archana Paneru ?

The Film Development Board (FDB) chief, Raj Kumar Rai was seen at the press meet of upcoming release ‘Chhesko’. The movie produced last year and ready to release at that time was delayed because of the earthquake of 2015. Before the release next week, the movie producers had added actress Archana Paneru in some scenes. The movie is promoted as if Archana is the lead and most important actress in the movie. The actress who is debuting in the movie had been one of the most controversial actress in the history of Nepali movie industry.

The presence of Raj Kumar Rai in the event was surprising as he was the one who was against Archana Paneru entering the film industry. Because of that, Rai had delayed the approval of ‘Jism’, the Raju Giri movie which was supposed to be the first movie of Archana. Watch a video report:

Raj Kumar Rai had also ordered the arrest of Archana and the entire ‘Jism’ team in Pokhara. They later patched up and the movie was approved. But, by the time the movie was finalized the relationship between Archana Paneru and Raju Giri soured. Now, Archana is planning to lodge a complaint against Raju Giri in the government regulatory body, FDB.

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Archana Paneru to debut in Chhesko, Full history of Jism controversy

The actress who was going to debut in upcoming movie ‘Jism’ has told that she is no longer involved in the movie. She has told that she is going to complain to the Film Development Board to stop its release. Instead of ‘Jism’, Archana has said that she is going to debut in the June 3, 2016 release movie, ‘Chhesko’.

Watch the following video report on the incident:

About ‘Chhesko’ movie

The movie shot and ready to release last year was delayed by the earthquake. The movie made on the story of drug abuse among Nepali youths is produced by Durga Bista. The movie featuring actors Rajan Karki in leading role also features Poojana Pradhan in guest role. Other actors include Rabin Baidhya, Anjit Khadka, Pabitra Acharya and Shristi Century. The role of Archana Paneru is added in the movie recently.

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Movie Songs – Jism, Audio Jukebox

Attached is a video featuring the audio songs of upcoming movie ‘Jism’ by controversial director Raju Giri featuring actress Archana Paneru and Surendra Budha in lead roles. There are two songs in the movie. The music is composed by Yogesh Kaji. Sound design by Rajiv Shah.

The details of the songs:

  • Dubideu Timi (Singers – Yogesh Kaji and Rajni Rhythm Rai, lyrics by Yogesh Kaji)
  • Fakreko Yo Jawani (Singers – Yogesh Kaji and Sital Moktan, lyrics by Sajjan Kumar Singh)

The movie was shot before the Film Development Board had

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Archana Paneru authorized to be an actress by the government, Jism approved by FDB

I am pretty sure, the story of Archana Paneru, her debut movie ‘Jism’ and the role of Film Development Board (FDB) and FDB Chief Raj Kumar Rai is much more interesting than the film itself.

The story goes like:

A controversial director, Raju Giri, met a much more controversial girl Archana Paneru. Giri and his team prepared a story around Archana and borrowed the name of the movie Bollywood actress Sunny Leone debuted in Bollywood with. Sunny debuted in ‘Jism 2’ and Archana is all set to debut in ‘Jism’. The script and the details of the movie was submitted to the government agency FDB for approval.

The news was shocking to many film industry insiders. At the same time, the hype of Archan was too good to ignore. Archana was invited to a meeting by some producers and directors. Right after the meeting, Archana named the producers who had asked for anonymity. Some named the incident, “playing with dirt,” it was bound to get you dirty.

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Archana Paneru movie Jism renamed Archana, Raju Giri admits mistakes

After a week long tussle, director Raju Giri has given up to he heavy weight government regulator – Film Development Board (FDB) and has admitted his mistakes. In a press meet organized in Kathmandu on Wednesday – March 30, 2016, Raju Giri had told that he had done a huge mistake of starting the shooting of the movie without first gaining the script approval from the Board. Reading a written statement, Raju Giri admitted of creating controversies for the promotion of the movies.

Video report on the issue:

In the press meet, lead actress Archana Paneru, her mother Sunita Paneru and other artists were present with director Raju Giri. Director Shovit Basnet was also seen at the press meet.

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Archana Paneru accuses director and producers of indecent approach

To be actress of Nepali film industry, Archana Paneru has accused film director and producers of indecent approach to her. She accused them of asking for sexual favor.

Archana is set to debut in Nepali film industry as an actress in Raju Giri‘s upcoming movie ‘Jism’. In an interview with an online media, Archana named four well known personalities of such an approach. She has accused well known director Simosh Sunuwar, producers Arjun Kumar, producer Madhav Wagle and producer Teken Khadka.

Video report:

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Archana Paneru to debut in Raju Giri movie Jism

The hot and controversial model, Archana Paneru, has signed an agreement to be featured in a Nepali movie to be directed by the controversial director Raju Giri. The director of movies like ‘Bindaas’ and its sequels, ‘Rakshya’ and other hot movies, Raju Giri, is known for presenting actresses in hot and glamorous role in movies. He is also known for problems with the actresses he works with.

According to reports, the mother of Archana Paneru, Sunita Paneru will also be featured in the movie as Archana’s mother. Video report (Note: The movie was initially named ‘Glamour’ but, later it was re-named ‘Jism’):

Archana and Sunita had became popular by sharing scantly clad photo of themselves in social media sites like Facebook and Twitter. When they started sharing objectionable photos, they were banned from almost all of the social networking sites including Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. They were also arrested by the police and chased away from their home. Archana was restricted from the school where she was studying in grade 10.

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