Friday Release Parinaam, Ram Jane, Three Monkeys

On Friday – February 3, 2017 three new Nepali movies are releasing in theatre. None of these movies were much talked about before the release. The movies sound foreign than Nepali movies. The movies ‘Parinaam’ and ‘Ramjane’ sound like Bollywood movies and ‘Three Monkeys’ sounds like an English movies.


The movie by Narayan Ghimire features Mukesh Dhakal, Sarika Ghjimire, Jharana Risal and Kisan Sunar. The movie by Cinemakers banner is directed by Hari Parajuli.

Trailer of ‘Parinaam’
(Released 3 weeks ago only ~5,100 views so far.)

Ram Jane

The movie by actor Dinesh Sharma, ‘Ram Jane’ is directed by Janak Khakurel. The movie features Dinesh Sharma, Rohit Rumba, Nisha Nepal, Bishal Lama and others. The love story movie is produced under Rakshyanda Films.

Trailer of ‘Ram Jane
(Released 2 weeks ago only ~4,100 views so far.)

Three Monkeys

The movie directed by Bhairam Shrestha, ‘Three Monkeys’ is a movie made on the story of Saroj KC. The movie features Resham Firiri, Saroj KC, Dilip Tamang and new actress Sarina Bayalakoti. The movie is made on the story of the division between the people in terai, himalaya and the hills.

Trailer of ‘Three Monkeys’
(Released 1 month ago only ~18,000 views so far.)


Nepali viewers tend to keep themselves away from foreign sounding Nepali movies. I hope, these movies are exceptions and will be embraced by the viewers. In addition to names, the artists in the movies are not known to the Nepali audience. Although Mukesh Dhakal and Dinesh Sharma are well known actors, their scope in the film industry has already been devaluated. Other artists don’t appeal to the public either.

The trailer of ‘Three Monkeys has been watched the most in YouTube. But, that number is not promising either. Based on the response to the trailers, none of these movies are promising based on the online traffic. If only a few people are interested in watching trailers – for free, there is a very slim chance that people will pay to visit theatres and watch the movies. All the best to the new releases.

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