After Rekha Thapa, ex-president Ram Baran Yadav became victim of fake news

A few days, a news about actress, Rekha Thapa was published in an English website about her death. But, she later confirmed that she was still alive.

The news was so written that, nobody could suspect it to be fake. It gave real data to support the fake news. It also quoted a doctor to confirm her death. The background information of the actress was correct.

Today, another similar fake news was published in the website. The website has written the news in a professional manner giving every details of the ex-president.

When asked, the ex-president was found to be safe and sound in his home. A video report:

Who is writing the fake news?

The website doesn’t mention anything about the reporter or the editor of the website. There is no information about who has registered the website.

Although nothing can be obtained from the website itself, every details can be obtained from the website register and the website hosts. Even if the person has faked the names and other details, the payment system used by the user leads to the exact person.

In addition to the normal way there are other means to identify the person. In this technologically advanced society, even the online behaviour of a person leads to the person in question. Whoever it is, is playing a very risky game by reporting fake news.

My guess is:

  • The owner if the website is a Nepali. Although all the other news are foreign, the choice of the person to report dead. The details of the background information and the reporting style looks like a Nepali reporter.
  • The person who wrote is a trained journalist. The writing style and the choice of words indicate that the person is not an amateur.

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