Yama Buddha wife Asmita Sedhai mourning at his home on 13th day of mourning

Asmita Sedhai, the wife the deceased rapper, Yama Buddha, was found at his home on the 13th day of mourning held at his house in Maitidevi. Wearing traditional white clothes for a widow, Asmita wasn’t happy by the media gossip about her and her husband Yama Buddha.

The family members told that Asmita had arrived Nepal on the day before the body of Yama Buddha, Anil Adhikari, was brought to Nepal. Although Asmita didn’t go to the Pragya Bhawan, the family members told that she had gone to the Pashupati Arya Ghat during the cremation of the body.
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After Rekha Thapa, ex-president Ram Baran Yadav became victim of fake news

A few days, a news about actress, Rekha Thapa was published in an English website about her death. But, she later confirmed that she was still alive.

The news was so written that, nobody could suspect it to be fake. It gave real data to support the fake news. It also quoted a doctor to confirm her death. The background information of the actress was correct.

Today, another similar fake news was published in the website. The website has written the news in a professional manner giving every details of the ex-president.

When asked, the ex-president was found to be safe and sound in his home. A video report:

Who is writing the fake news?

The website doesn’t mention anything about the reporter or the editor of the website. There is no information about who has registered the website.

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Friday Release Parinaam, Ram Jane, Three Monkeys

On Friday – February 3, 2017 three new Nepali movies are releasing in theatre. None of these movies were much talked about before the release. The movies sound foreign than Nepali movies. The movies ‘Parinaam’ and ‘Ramjane’ sound like Bollywood movies and ‘Three Monkeys’ sounds like an English movies.


The movie by Narayan Ghimire features Mukesh Dhakal, Sarika Ghjimire, Jharana Risal and Kisan Sunar. The movie by Cinemakers banner is directed by Hari Parajuli.

Trailer of ‘Parinaam’
(Released 3 weeks ago only ~5,100 views so far.)
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