Friday Release: Pinjada Back Again and Lalpurja

Two new movies are released in theatre this week, Nikhil Upreti’s “Pinjada Back Again and Saugat Malla’s ‘Lalpurja’.

About ‘Pinjada Back Again’

Nikhil Upreti debuted as an actor in ‘Pinjada’. A sequel of the super hit movie, ‘Pinjada Back Again’ was released this week featuring new cast and crews except for Nikhil. In the original movie, Nikhil had jumped from the top of 7th floor of Kantipur publication building. The stunt had created a huge media coverage and had also established him as an action star of Nepali film industry.

The action director Himal KC has turned into film director in the movie. He has used all of his action skills in the movie, making it to remind the action of ‘Pinjada’ again. The movie featured a love story between Nikhil’s character and that of Sara Sripaili. In the movie, Nikhil is living in their house in a village with their son. But, because of family problems Nikhil and the family is separated. The movie is about the clash of Nikhil with the villain of the movie.

The story and script is written by Maunata Shrestha, cinematography of Saurav Lama, and edited by Banish Shah and Milan Shrestha. The movie features music of Basanta Sapkota, Arjun Pokharel and Rajanraj Siwakoti. The actors of the movie include Sushmita KC, Kushagra Bhattarai, Pukar Bhattarai, Jack Shrestha with Nikhil and Sara.

Watch the trailer of the movie:

About ‘Lalpurja’

Another new release of the movie is directed by Nigam Shrestha. The movie featuring Saugat Malla with Kameshowr Chaurasiya features Bipin Karki, Harihar Sharma and Menuka Pradhan in main roles. The movie also features Kumar Nagarkoti and Meruna Magar with Kamal Mani Nepal.

The movie is made on the story of an imaginary village named Miteri Gaun. The village is a very fun place to live. Everybody is in close-friend relationship (Meet) in the village. Saugat and Bipin are brothers of same father but different mothers. Saugat is the ‘meet’ of Kameshowr. The fun filled movie is the story of clash between Saugat and Bipin.

Niagam had previously directed another Nepali movie, ’Chhadke’. Watch the trailer of the movie (not available now)

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