Friday Release – Radha and Pardeshiko Umang

On this Friday, October 28, 2016 two new movies were released in theatre – Yogesh Ghimire’s ’Radha’ and Shiva Sharma’s ‘Paradeshiko Umanga’ and Hikmat Bista’s ‘The Winner’. The movies are expecting a high turnout in theatre on the holiday season of Tihar.



The movie featuring Jiwan Luitel and Sanchita Luitel in leading role is a love story movie. The characters meet during a bus travel and then come close. The movie is about a problem in their relationship. The movie features the music of Basanta Sapkota, direction of Yogesh Ghimire, action of Himal KC, choreography of Kabiraj Gahatraj, editing of Arjun GC and Milan Shreatha, cinematography of Man Krishna Shrestha and script of Pradeep Bhardwoj.

The trailer of Radha

Pardeshiko Umang

The movie featuring ‘Chapali Height’ debut actress Binita Baral with Kumar BC in leading role is another new release this week. The movie directed by Shiva Sharma is made on the story of a guy who is strangled in foreign employment after he committed a crime. He is sentenced to death because of his affair with a Muslim woman. The love, tragedy and the problem is the main concept of the movie. The movie is made on the story written by Kumar BC and Prakash PUri. The movie features the action of Kumar Maharjan, cinematography of Rabindra Baral, choreography of Shiva Sharma and editing of Arjun GC.

Trailer of ‘Pardeshiko Umang’

UPDATE: Although the premier show of the movie ‘The Winner’ was done this week, it is going to release next week. The post is modified accordingly.

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