Friday Release – Tarebhir and Kidnap

Two new movies were released in theatre on June 16, 2017. Prem Subba’s movie ‘Taarebhir’ and Phurpa Chhiring Gurung’s movie ‘Kidnap’.

About ‘Taarebhir’

A movie made on the social happenings, ‘Taarebhir’ shows how the country can get rid of criminal activities. Directed by Prem Subba, the movie is produced by DK Dewan. The movie introduces actress Rekha Fago and the actor Nabin Karki.

In the movie, Rekha is featured as Prakriti, a woman who faces obstacles and problems in life. The movie features the story of Prem Subba and Krishna Acharya, choreography of Kamal Rai, action of Janak Gurung and editing of Ram Prasad Chaudhary. The music in the movie are composed by Prakash Gurung, Sanup Poudel and Brabhim Sherma. In addition to Rekha Fago and Nabin Karki the movie also featured Bishnu Chemjong, Prem Subba, Deukrishna Diwan, Ramesh Singh, Dipesh Shrestha, Manju Shrestha, Ranjit Rana, Nirmal Sharma, Ajay Kumar Majhi etc.

About ‘Kidnap’

The second movie released on Friday is made on the story of a child’s kidnap. The movie shows the problem the parents of the child go through because of the kidnap. The movie is written, produced and directed by Phurpa Chhiring Gurung.

Phurpa Chhiring Gurung is the same producer and director who had debuted actress Manisha Koirala in acting in Nepali movie ‘Feri Bhetaula’.

The movie features child artist, Prabal Shiwakoti in main role. The movie is the story of 5-days in which Prabal tortures the kidnapers. The movie presents the social, economic, educational, political and psychological effects caused by the crime in an entertaining way.

The cinematographer of the movie is B Raj PP and he is also the editor. The music and lyrics of the movie are also prepared by the director Phurpu himself. The movie features Anjali Adhikari, Subhash Rai, Bhim Gurung, Suresh Shilpakar, Shiva Nepali with Prabal Shiwakoti in main roles.

Trailer of ‘Kidnap’

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