Gaijatra 2017 – Daman Rupakheti, Babita Baniya Jerry, Deepak, Deepa

New Gaijatra 2074 (2017) program “Bramhaloot” Latest gaijatra program by noted comedian, Daman Rupakheti. Daman Rupakheti is the comedian who started ‘Meri Bassai’ with Sita Ram Kattel and Magne Budha, Kedar Ghimire. Daman and Jitu Nepal ‘Mundre’ were a well known comedy duo in the start. These days, Daman is running a comedy program on his own.

On the occasion of ‘Gaijatra’ of 2017, here are some of the comedy program by Daman. In addition to Daman, Babita Baniya ‘Jerry’s comedy video is also shared.

Watch the videos:

Another comedy program by Daman ‘Hantakali’:

Daman Rupakheti’s comedy songs collection. The songs are collected by Budha Subba Music.

Deepak and Deepa in Baneshowr on the comedy program held to mark Gaijatra 2074.

Jerry Bachan by Babita Baniya Jerry.

Kamal Gaule’s ‘Viral’ – Gaijatra comedy

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