LG Film Award 2017 winners, Jatra becomes best movie

A new award LG Cine Circle Award 2017 was held in Kathmandu on August 7, Monday in the Army Officers Club, Sundhara. In the award ceremony ‘Jatra’ was awarded the bst movie of the year. In the award ceremony awards in 22 different categories were awarded.

In the ceremony, action director NB Maharjna was awarded the Lifetime Achievement Award worth Rs. 51,000. The deputy president Nanda Bahadur Pun was the chief guest of the ceremony. The ‘Maitighar’ film unit, comprising of actor CP Lohani and Mala Sinha were also honoured during the ceremony. Lohani and Sinha had come to Nepal to attend the ceremony.

Award wining movies:

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Gaijatra 2017 – Daman Rupakheti, Babita Baniya Jerry, Deepak, Deepa

New Gaijatra 2074 (2017) program “Bramhaloot” Latest gaijatra program by noted comedian, Daman Rupakheti. Daman Rupakheti is the comedian who started ‘Meri Bassai’ with Sita Ram Kattel and Magne Budha, Kedar Ghimire. Daman and Jitu Nepal ‘Mundre’ were a well known comedy duo in the start. These days, Daman is running a comedy program on his own.

On the occasion of ‘Gaijatra’ of 2017, here are some of the comedy program by Daman. In addition to Daman, Babita Baniya ‘Jerry’s comedy video is also shared.

Watch the videos:
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Nikhil Upreti builds body, to romance with his sister-in-law

The action star of upcoming movie Commitment 60 hours, Nikhil Upreti has build his body for the movie. The movie being produced and directed by Nikhil is expected to cost around Rs. 30 Million and feature a number of Bollywood actor.

The movie is being made under the investment of an Indian film production house. For the movie, Nikhil is going skydive as a part of the shooting. Although some footages of his actual jump from a plane is shot in real time, there will also be the simulation of skydiving in the movie.

For the movie, Nikhil is currently working hard to build his body. He has been trying to build his body suitable to be shown in the movie. Few photos of Nikhil in new looks are being shared in social media.
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