Nikhil Upreti builds body, to romance with his sister-in-law

The action star of upcoming movie Commitment 60 hours, Nikhil Upreti has build his body for the movie. The movie being produced and directed by Nikhil is expected to cost around Rs. 30 Million and feature a number of Bollywood actor.

The movie is being made under the investment of an Indian film production house. For the movie, Nikhil is going skydive as a part of the shooting. Although some footages of his actual jump from a plane is shot in real time, there will also be the simulation of skydiving in the movie.

For the movie, Nikhil is currently working hard to build his body. He has been trying to build his body suitable to be shown in the movie. Few photos of Nikhil in new looks are being shared in social media.

Nikhil Upreti in Nepali film industry

At the peak of his stardom, Nikhil had eloped with Sanchita Luitel in 2010. After living in hiding in India for about 5 years, Nikhil made a comeback in 2015. The comeback movie as a director and actor was very successful. But, after that, many of Nikhil’s movie flopped. These days, Nikhil’s stardom is believed to be in declining trend.

Nikhil has been in a serious attempt to recover the lost stardom. Before marrying Sanchita both Sanchita and Nikhil were the hot-cake of the Nepali film industry. Now, both Nikhil and Sanchita are struggling to regain the same charm they used to enjoy. Nikhil’s body building is expected to fuel in the success of the movie.

Commitment 60 hours is an action movie about a guy who rescues a person from Mumbai, India to Nepal. The struggle and hardship on the way is the story of ‘Commitment 60 Hours’. With Nikhil, the movie also features some of the well known Bollywood actors, Ranjit, Sayaji Shinde, Ananta Jog, Ali Jafar, Nansi etc. in main roles. Nikhil’s sister-in-law, Shiwani Luitel, is going to be featured opposite to Nikhil in the movie.

70 percent of the movie is expected to be shot in India, featuring Hindi language, and the remaining movie is being shot in Nepali language.

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