Gajalu trailer released, an interesting love story concept

The next movie of actor Anmol KC, ‘Gajalu’ is also the debut movie of actress Shristi Shrestha, the Miss Nepal 2012. The trailer of the movie was released in a program held in Kathmandu on April 14, 2014.

Video report of trailer release ceremony:

It is interesting that the ex-Miss Nepal is featured as an ex-Kumari, the living goddess. Kumari is an ancient tradition in Kathmandu valley, that selects a young girl to be kept as a living goddess until her puberty. After puberty, a Kumari retires and another young girl is selected to live in Kumari ghar as the next living goddess, Kumari. In ‘Gajalu’, Shristi is features as an ex-Kumari. It is a societal belief that, Kumaris shouldn’t marry throughout their lives.

shristi shrestha and anmol kc Gajalu press meet

According to the trailer and the press meet, the movie is a love story between the characters played by Anmol and Shristi.

The movie directed by Hemraj BC – the director of two of Anmol KC’s previous movies – ‘Hostel’ and ‘Jerryy’, features actors like Salon Basnet, Gaurav Pahadi, Menuka Pradhan, Rhitik Shahi with Anmol and Shristi. The movie is releasing on Jestha 28 (June 10).

Watch the trailer video:

Watch superhit two movies of Anmol KC, directed by ‘Gajalu’ director Hemraj BC:

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