Garima Pant to be a Scout

A new movie titled ‘Scout’ is going to feature actress Garima Pant in leading role. In a program organized in Kathmandu, the cast and crew of the movie was announced. The shooting was also inaugurated the Communication Minister, Minendra Rijal and other politicians.

scout shooting starts

‘Scout’ is a presentation of Madhu Kumar Shrestha and is produced jointly by Kedar Parajuli and Ishwor Tiwari. The movie is directed by Govinda Gautam and features Garima Pant with Kushal Thapa in leading role.

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Nepali Musical – Manchheko Maya

Nepali Giti Natak – Manchheko Maya
Starring – Lokmani Gautam, Sunita Sharma, Ronisha Khadaka, Khima Khadka, Dilip Khadka, Prema Khadka, Asal Oli.
Director – Purna Oli

The singers in the musical are Jaya Devkota, Kiranbabu Pun, Pratikshya Malla, Sonam Magar, Bipana Thapa and Puspa Bohara.

Cast explanation: Lokmani Gautam a grade 10 is featured as Chandraprasad, the husband. The wife, Tara is also a grade 10 student – Sunita Sharma. Kanchi, the sister of Chandraprasad, Ronisha Khadka, is a grade 7 student.  A village friend of Chandraprasad, Eliza, is also a grade 7 student, Khima Khadka. Eliza’s brother, Rato, a dumb person in the musical is Grade 10 student Dilip Khadka. Tara’s mother and Tara’s father are Grade 10 student Prema Khadka and Grade 9 student Asal Oli respectively. These are the students of Bal Kalyan High School, Solawang, Rukum.

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Tito Satya Meri Bassai Sanjh event in Australia postponed to March 19

The accident of Turkish Airlines in Tribhuvan International Airport caused extensive delay in the flight in and out of Kathmandu. The delay not only caused problems to come to Nepal and going abroad, various programs out of country had to be delayed because the artists couldn’t fly on the scheduled date.

The comedy and musical program scheduled for March 7, Tito Satya Meri Bassai Sanjh had to be delayed to March 19 as the artists couldn’t take the flight to Australia in time. The program will feature Kedar Ghimire, Wilson Bikram Rai, Deepa Shree Niraula, Deepak Raj Giri, Aastha Raut and Parbati Rai. (read a previous report on the event in serialsansar)

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Rishi Dhamala in a movie, How Funny !

The journalist Rishi Dhamala is no less than a comedian. Now, he is going to be a real actor in Malvika Subba movie ‘How Funny’. In a press release by the film maker, the film is going to release on Jestha 15.

Rishi Dhamala is featured in a cameo role in the film directed by Nilu Dolma Sherpa. Nilu says that Dhamala is one of the most popular figure in Nepal and she wants to present the personality in the movie.

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