Gauri Malla returning to Nepal from USA

Actress Gauri Malla‘s mother is very sick and she is fighting for her life in Nepal. The doctors have prescribed a surgery that has a fifty percent survival chance. Gauri’s mother had wanted to meet the daughter before the surgery so, Gauri is flying back to Nepal in a hurry.

A short video recording of Gauri’s address:

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Rekha Thapa snatched the direction of Himmatwali from Shyam Bhattarai

UPDATE– Shyam Bhattarai is no longer in Rekha Thapa’s Facebook friend-list. (The title of this post is changed to reflect the information.)

Actress Rekha Thapa was forced to start directing her upcoming movie when the director Shyam Bhattarai becomes sick. Rekha relieved Shyam of his directing job so that he could recover and took over the direction of ‘Himmatwali’ herself.  In his Facebook post, Shyam has thanked Rekha for letting him go and also appreciated Rekha’s ex-husband for being ‘such a great’ film maker.

Shyam posting his photo with Chhabi after losing Rekha’s job sounds fishy. There is no doubt Chhabi Raj Ojha is a great film maker but, the timing doesn’t sound right. We have asked Shyam for the clarification on the case and will update the post when he replies.

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Shankar BC and Nisha Sunar become parents to a daughter in the USA

Singer Nisha Sunar has given birth to a daughter in the USA on March 10, 2014. The little girl named Shanisha BC, is born in the USA while the father, Shankar BC, is in Nepal.

Shankar BC still married to his previous wife married Nisha Sunar secretly. The information about the marriage was revealed only when Nisha went to the USA. Nisha had posted the photos of her third marriage in her Facebook profile and Shankar had also stated about the upcoming birth of his daughter.

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Nepali actress found dancing in Kenya and Tanzania dance bar

A report in Kantipur Daily stated that Nepali girls including an actress was seen dancing in dance bars in African country, Tanzania. The actress had reached the country through Delhi route. In Delhi she had told that she was on route to Tanzania to learn international dance.

In Tanzania, the actress was quoted telling that she was duped. The agents snatched her passport and mobile phone and forced to dance in the local dance bars. The actress also revealed that her husband had had sent her to the place. The identity of the actress is not revealed in the report.

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