Hasiya item song, filmed on a Rs. 1m set

The song of upcoming movie ‘Hasiya’, shot on a set constructed by spending Rs. 1 million has released. The item dance featuring actress Hema Shrestha and Priyanka Karki is made on the voice of Shivani Moktan. ‘Aaja ko raatama …’ is written by Nilam Rai, music by Kalyan Singh.


The director Milan Chams says that the item song also feature action scenes as the movie is an action flick. Lead actress Hema is featured in action role in the movie. With Hema the movie also features and Anup Bikram Shahi in main roles.

During the shooting, the choreographer, Renasha Rai, had claimed that the movie is the first Nepali movie featuring two major actresses in an item dance. ‘Hasiya’ is releasing on Jestha 9 (May 23). The item song video is attached:

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