Shilpa Pokharel threw a surprise birthday party, Chhabi turns 52

One of the most successful film producer of the Nepali movie industry, Chhabi Raj Ojha has turned 52 years old on November 22, 2016. To celebrate his birthday, actress Shilpa Pokharel threw a surprise celebration party. It was a very small and private party with only 4-5 people.

Video report:

Telling about the party Shilpa wrote, “Surprise birthday celebration. Happy birthday to dear Chhabi ji (Baa). Many happy returns of the day.” Shilpa’s excitement can be felt in the way she has written the message. She has repeated “birthday” four times in a 20+ words long message.

Chhabi and Shilpa relationship

Chhabi introduced Shilpa in ‘Lazza’. Shilpa was signed in ‘Kismat 2’ even before the completion of her first movie ‘Lazza’. But ,before ‘Kismat 2’ production started, she was featured in ‘Hawaldar Suntali’. At the time of the release of the first movie ‘Lazza’ they fabricated a news about Chhabi marrying Shilpa. In the interviews after the movie, they admitted that they had lied about the marriage for the promotion of the movie.

Shilpa had once told, “People had come to the theatre just to see Chhabi’s girlfriend.”

At the time of the release of ‘Kismat 2’ they repeated the same rumour. There were news about Shilpa tying knot on Dashain. But, the rumour subsided right after the release of the movie. The rumour didn’t work in favour of the movie ‘Kismat 2’ this time. The movie did an average business. The rumour got some credibility as Chhabi had recently got the legal divorce from Rekha Thapa. Chhabi formally divorced in 2016, four years after informal divorce between the two.

Now, Shilpa has started to tell that they will marry next year.

Shilpa and Chhabi are currently working on their upcoming sequel ‘Hifajat 2’:

‘Kismat 2’ release news

‘Hifajat 2’ in making.

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