Himmatwali release delayed in Kathmandu

UPDATE: The movie release wasn’t delayed. Rekha Thapa has confirmed that the movie has released in Kathmandu (at least in Gopi Krishna theater and probably in other theaters too).

The government has stopped the movie scheduled to release on theater against an usual practice of releasing Nepali movies on Fridays. Rekha Thapa‘s movie ‘Himmatwali‘ was told to be releasing on Fulpati festival, falling on Wednesday, not on Friday as agreed previously.


According to an agreement between the Film Producer association and Film Association on Shrawan 23, 2060, "Any new Nepali movies can only be released on Fridays." Based on that agreement, the Communication ministry has asked FDB to stop the release against the agreement.

Although the movie won’t be released in theaters in Kathmandu, the decision will not affect it’s release out of the valley.

‘Himmatwali’ is the debut movie of the actress and producer Rekha Thapa. The movie is introducing, Suarshan Gautam, a disabled person in the leading role. In addition to on-screen romance, Rekha and Sudarshan have told that they are also having an affair off-screen.

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