Hindi movie by Nepal’s first female director, Suchitra Singh

The first female director of the Nepali movie industry, Suchitra Singh is going to direct a Hindi moive. In an event held in Kathmandu, the new Hindi movie named ‘Chakra’ was announced.

Chhakra hindi movie announcement suchitra

The director Suchitra Singh is making a comeback in directing movie after a long absence. The movie announced will be mostly shot in India and about one fourth of the shooting will be held in Nepal. In addition to some Nepali artists, most of the artists and technicians will also be Indian. In addition to being the director, Suchitra will also be the producer of the Rs. 120 million project.

In the announcement ceremony, Suchitra told that the movie was being planned for the last five years. The producer Anwar Raj and the story writer Shahi Kumar had discussed about the possibility of producing the movie. After five years, the movie production has been finally decided. The shooting of ‘Chakra’ is scheduled to start on Laxmi Puja. In addition to Suchitra, Rajesh Raj will also assist in the direction of the movie.

Who is Suchitra Singh?

The first female director of the Nepali movie industry, Suchitra Singh had done the directorial debut in ‘Prem Yuddha’. After ‘Prem Yuddha’, she hasn’t directed any more movie. Director Rakshya Singh followed Suchitra Singh as being the second female director. So far, there are six female directors in Nepali film industry including actresses Rekha Thapa and Deepa Shree Niraula. Deepa Shree Niraula’s movie ‘Chhaka Panja’ is in post-production.

Although Suchitra was inactive in film direction for some time, she was actively involved the director’s society. Suchitra Singh is currently the elected chairman of the Film Director’s Guild of Nepal.

Watch ‘Prem Yuddha’ here.

suchitra singh announcement hindi movie

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