Celebrity Holi photos (updated)

update – More photos added at the end.

Holi at Karishma Manandhar‘s place: Like in 2011, Karishma is organizing the Holi celebration at her residence. (We will update with more photos later. Photos posted in this post)

karishma manandhar holi preparation[8]

Holi at Poojana Stri’s place

The festival color, Holi is the best festival of the kids and Poojana Pradhan is the best person to count on celebrating Holi with kids. Poojana’s message, "Your happiness is my destiny." and she has wished best wishes of Holi to her lovely kids,family,friends,fans and audience. Poojana adds, "Enjoy Holi without hurting others!"

poojana stri holi

holi poojana stri

Holi photo of the family of Chetan Sapkota:

chetan sapkota -holi photo

Holi Photo of Richa Ghimire and Shankar Ghimire

richa and shankar ghimire

Holi photo of producer Krisha Chaulagai:

kisha chaulagai holi photo

Actress Garima Pant 

garima Pant - holi 2013

Actress Deepa Shree Niraula 

deepa shree niraula holi 2013

Actress Namrata Shrestha in Holi 2013

namrata shrestha in holi

namrata and others holi 2013

Actor Shiva Shrestha with his son and others

shiva shrestha with son and others

Actress Melina Manandhar 

melina manandhar holi 2013

We will update with more photos later.

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