Hostel, 51 days success party held in Kathmandu

One of the most successful films of the current time, ‘Hostel’ makers have organized a success party in Kathmandu on the celebration of it’s 51 days in theater. According the the producer, Sunil Rawal, most of the film personalities, journalists and artists were invited to the party held at Siddhartha Party Palace in Banesowr.

At the time when most of the movies are not able to earn the cost, ‘Hostel’ has been able to be collect a good revenue.

‘Hostel’ features second generation actors in Nepali movie industry and is made on the story of college students.

We had also done a review of ‘Hostel’.

The producer’s earlier movie ‘Saayad‘, made last year, had also been able to do a good business and was nominated in 10 categories of NEFTA film award. The production house, Durgis Films, is also planning to make the ‘Saayad’ sequence ‘Saayad 2’ in near future.

Photo credit – Sumeet Shakya

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