How did Malvika Subba miraculously lost 22 kg in 6 months?

Nepali TV celebrity, Miss Nepal 2002, Malvika Subba gave birth to a son in April 2016. In less than 6 months of her pregnancy, Malvika Subba miraculously lost 20 kg of her weight. It is a usual trend that new moms gain a lot of weight after giving birth to their child. One of the latest example is actress Richa Ghimire. Richa Ghimire gave birth to her third child, a daughter in the USA.

A video report on Malvika Subba’s weight loss:

How did Malvika Subba lost weight?

In an interview, Malvika has told that she didn’t do any exercise to lose the weight. All she did was reduction in weight gaining practice. She didn’t eat high fatty diet – that is common practice in Nepal. She drank a lot of water and didn’t sleep in day time. The only exercise she got was by tending the little boy.

There is a common mis-conciption among Nepali women that breast feeding is not good for their figure. For those, Malvika is a bigger-than-life example. One of the beautiful women in Nepal, Malvika also opted to breast feed the child. And, she is as beautiful as before.

Summary of what Malvika Subba did to lose weight:

  • Malvika didn’t eat high fat food (Sutkeri’s foods)
  • Malvika drank a lot of water.
  • Malvika fed breast milk to her child
  • She looked after the child and played with him.

It is clear, what we eat is what we are.

Watch video interview of Malvika:

But, exercise, if done properly with dieting management, can help lose weight. Actress Sanchita Luitel is the living example of the Nepali actress who lost considerable amount of weight before she made comeback appearance in one of the ‘Nai Nabhannu La’ sequences. (Watch ‘Nai Nabhannu La’ sequences here). Sanchita however had gained weight again while shooting ‘Radha’.

Another mother actress who has left the film industry, Sumina Ghimire, has also maintained her weight. In the photos she shared online, she seem slim enough after being a mother of a daughter. (Watch video report of Sumina being a mother:)


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