5 Actresses who started acting career as child artists, like Namrata, Priyanka, Neeta

I have prepared a video report on five actresses who started their acting career in their childhood. These actresses didn’t know about their future as actresses, when they acted in their first movies. Out of the five actresses, three are considered some of the top actresses in the Nepali movie industry. Two actresses discontinued acting after acting in some movies.

Watch the video report :

The actresses covered in the video are:

Namrata Shrestha

Namrata Shrestha acted in ‘Sangini’ as a child artist. Namrata was studying in grade 1 when she acted in the movie. Namrata had shown good acting talent even in her childhood. She has also shown good dancing skills. Namrata grows up to become Rekha Thapa and her friend grows up to be Deepa Shree Niraula. The movie was the debut movie of Deepa. Namrata debuted as a leading actress in ‘Sano Sansar’. The links to watch the movies are given in the list above.


Priyanka Karki

Priyanka Karki also acted in a movie named ‘Mahadevi’ when she was 7-years old. The movie directed by Narayan Puri was a hit movie. In an interview, Puri told that the movie was one of his favourite movies. After ‘Mahadevi’ Priyanka didn’t act in movies until she became an adult. After winning Miss Teen 2015 title, Priyanka started acting in ‘Gharbeti Ba’ and she also worked as a VJ.

Priyanka went to USA for film studies. She got married. But, after the completion of her bachelor’s degree, Priyanka returned home to start her acting career. Her first movie is ‘3 Lovers’. Priyanka divorced her husband and is living alone these days. She is currently one of the most busy actress in Nepali movie industry.

Neeta Dhungana

Actress Neeta Dhungana had acted in more than a few movies in her childhood. She seems like a seasoned actress in her childhood roles. In addition to acting in movies, she had also acted in TV serials. The link to watch ‘Mitini’ is added in the list above. As an adult actress Neeta Dhungana debuted in ‘Kisan’. After that, she has acted in a number of movies. Among them, Neeta’s most successful movies include ‘Chha Ekan Chha’ and ‘Notebook’.

Neeta had been talented actress and a good dancer since her childhood. Neeta’s facial expression and acting talent can be seen in ‘Mitini’.

Ragini Khadgi

The daughter of the fight director, Rajendra Khadgi, Ragini Khadgi had acted in some movies in her childhood. She doesn’t look like a seasoned actress as a child. Link to ‘Sagun’ is added above. Ragini debuted as a leading actress in ‘Plan’. The movie wasn’t successful. Ragini and her father produced ‘Nothing Impossible’ featuring Ragini’s son as one of the actors. The movie wasn’t successful either. These days, Ragini is not active in the film industry.


Ishwori Pradhan

The daughter of well known film director, Shambhu Pradha, Ishwori Pradhan was a seasoned child actress. Her role in ‘Sworga’ was appreciated by the viewers. As an adult Ishwori was featured in ’16 Barshe Jowan’. After that, she left Nepal and started living in the USA.

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