Rajesh Hamal’s inspirational speech at Sharada University, Delhi

A while ago, Nepali superstar Rajesh Hamal was in New Delhi during his tour for the Quiz program he has been running for the last few years. Hamal was invited by the Nepali students at Sharada University to meet and greet them. During the event, Rajesh Hamal gave an Inspiring speech.

Watch the video highlights of the inspirational speech:

Summary of the speech:

  • Rajesh Hamal started his kindergarten in Pakistan when his father was posted at the Nepali Embassy in Pakistan.
  • Next year, his father was posted at the Nepali embassy in India. Hamal studied his grade 1 in New Delhi.
  • Later, in the 1980s, his father was again posted in New Delhi as the ambassador. Hamal lived in India from the early 80s to 1989, till the time he started acting in Nepali movies.
  • Hamal’s father was later posted in Pakistan, where he breathed his last breath.
  • Hamal told that he spent “the prime time” of his life in Delhi and was deeply connected to the place. He saw himself in the students in the audience. He remembered the fun time he had, foods he ate, and the unbearable heat he had to go through.
  • When he started acting in Nepali movies, it was a very uncertain time. Nepali movies were made every one or two years and there was no career as an actor. His family members were not supportive to his choice of profession.
  • But, as the time passed the Nepali movie industry also progresses. His popularity and the film industry grew simultaneously.
  • Hamal tells everybody to follow their passion. They should give their inner desire a try.

In Hamal’s words, “I tried something new …. Do not hesitate to try something new. Give it a try. You never know, you might reach the place where no one else has reached before.”

Said that, he also added, “But, don’t be too foolish either. Always have plan B. Because when you try something new, you know, it may not work. Like, it couldn’t have worked for me either. ”

“You always have to have this plan B ready in hand. Because, sometimes when you are over passionate and you want to try you passion and it doesn’t work, you have to wisen up to know that it hasn’t work and shift to your plan B.”

“But, always give a try to your passion.”

Some photos of Rajesh Hamal with the students (Photo credit – Rajesh Hamal):

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