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Craze of Nepali actor, Rajesh Hamal was also seen in a program held in Chandigarh, India. Hamal had completed his Master’s Degree in English literature in the Punjab University located in Chandigarh. He had spent a lot of time in India when he went there with his parents as a child. He had started his schooling in New Delhi when his father was a diplomat there. He later went to Pakistan and Russia before returning to India to complete his studies.

Rajesh Hamal in India report:

What is Rajesh Hamal doing these days?

In terms of acting, the profession he had been doing for the last quarter decade, Hamal is resting. But, he is also involved in social works, advertisements and is travelling to different places for stage shows and fun.

The last movie of Hamal was ‘Shakuntala’. Although Hamal made news for being featured as a woman in the movie, the movie failed to impress the viewers. After the failure of ‘Bagmati’, ‘Shakuntala’ was the second major disaster in Hamal’s acting career before he stopped signing in new movies. In an interview, Hamal told that he is yet to find a good enough script to sign in.

He is also planning to make a directorial and production debut. But, given the competition and the entry of new technology and talents, film production and direction is a huge challenge. On top of that, most of the artists who have produced movies have also failed. So, film production and direction is much more challenging than acting.

Some say that Hamal is working on to announce a movie this year. But, as he is busy in stage shows and television programs, people doubt he will jump in direction that fast. By his actions, it is easy to understand that Hamal takes time to make decisions. He took years to reveal his affair with Madhu Bhattarai and also took more years after he announced his marriage plans. He was 50 years old when he finally got married.

Whatever might be the case, Hamal is one of the most serious actor and a no-nonsense person.

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