Is Bhuwan KC dating Ashika Tamang ?

Actor Bhuwan KC is known for scandals and numerous affairs with all sort of women. Bhuwan prides himself as the playboy of Nepali movie industry and is occasionally seen with women younger than his kids.

In a latest rumor, Bhuwan KC is seeing Ashika Tamang, a nurse by training. Ashika and Bhuwan were seen together in the sets of the movie ‘Hostel’. Ashika is currently modeling in some music video and is seeking an opportunity to get a role in a movie. 

bhuwan kc and ashika tamang

Ashika is experienced in ramp modeling and has participated in Miss Tamang 2011. She was also Miss Popular and Miss Discipline in Miss National Queen 2012. Ashika says, that she can do anything to establish herself in modeling. May be, the affair with Bhuwan is the part of ‘anything’ to get an entry into the movie industry.

Bhuwan in the other hand is two times divorced and had married off his daughter in 2011. An affair with a business woman turned very unpleasant when her husband thrashed the actor in public. A latest affair with a new actress Jiya KC was also widely talked.

In a latest report, Bhuwan is also trying his best to enter into politics in the upcoming election.

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  1. This is totally fake… just because she rejected him.. he started all this nonsense what a coward guy is he….learn to respect woman.. every woman is not a toy as you think…it's not that easy the way you pick gay from thamel…

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