Second generation film artists in Nepali movie industry

Nepali movie industry is largely influenced by Indian movie industry, Bollywood. Similar to Bollywood, it is easier for the kids of actors and film technicians to enter the film industry. Some of the names of second generation artists in Nepali industry include:

Samyam Puri – son of director Narayan Puri started in movies as a child artists and had debuted as an adult actor in ‘Samaya’.

samyam puri - sayad

Salon Basnet – son of actor and director Shovit Basnet is also debuting in ‘Hostel’.

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Is Bhuwan KC dating Ashika Tamang ?

Actor Bhuwan KC is known for scandals and numerous affairs with all sort of women. Bhuwan prides himself as the playboy of Nepali movie industry and is occasionally seen with women younger than his kids.

In a latest rumor, Bhuwan KC is seeing Ashika Tamang, a nurse by training. Ashika and Bhuwan were seen together in the sets of the movie ‘Hostel’. Ashika is currently modeling in some music video and is seeking an opportunity to get a role in a movie. 

bhuwan kc and ashika tamang

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9 O’clock premiered – releasing on 29 March

A premier show of movie ‘9o’clock’ was organized in Kathmandu on Thursday, a day before it’s official release. Journalists and film industry personals were invited to watch the movie.

9 o clock film poster

The movie is made on the story of a person who thinks money is everything in life. In spite of the projection of the movie as a sex-oriented movie, the movie didn’t have much sex contents.

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