9 O’clock premiered – releasing on 29 March

A premier show of movie ‘9o’clock’ was organized in Kathmandu on Thursday, a day before it’s official release. Journalists and film industry personals were invited to watch the movie.

9 o clock film poster

The movie is made on the story of a person who thinks money is everything in life. In spite of the projection of the movie as a sex-oriented movie, the movie didn’t have much sex contents.

The movie featuring actress Sumina Ghimire and actor Dhruba Dutta in lead roles is directed by Baburam Dhakal. Actress Sumina was present in the premier show of the movie produced by Ramesh Sambedana.

The movie is also going to be featured in Indian TV channels Sony and Zee TV. The movie was previously featured in theaters in Doha and UK. A secret Malaysia tour of actress Sumina Ghimire with the producer Ramesh Sambedana was also matter of gossip in Nepali media earlier.

In addition to ‘9 O’clock’ another movie, ‘Aljhechha Kyare Pachayeuri’ is also releasing all over Nepal on Friday, March 29.

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