It’s not Lamborghini, DC Aventi spotted in Kathmandu

Recently a bright yellow sports car is making rounds in Kathmandu street. The car bearing a Nepali number plate costs 4 crores to buy. It is so surprising that the car costs about 60 lakhs Nepali rupees in Indian market. But, as soon as it enters Nepal, the government levies a huge tax on it making it unaffordable by most of us.

I talked about the car and the video went viral instantly.

Some thought it to be Italian luxury sports car, Lamborghini. But, the car is only inspired by the Italian car and it is no match to the Italian car. That is because, the inside is more like a normal car. It is only the outside that looks attractive, the engine and the parts are of very low quality for a sports car. The original model Lamborghini Aventador LP700-5 is much more attractive and impressive.

What car cost so much in Nepal?

The main reasons the cars cost so much in Nepali are because – the import tax is 2-3 times the purchase price of the car. The government doesn’t want to import too many cars because:

  • Government think cars are luxury things. They don’t want too many cars in Nepal.
  • There are no good network in Nepal. The roads are already crowded.
  • The government revenue from importing car is huge amount. So, they don’t want anybody to manufacture cars in Nepal. That would be a loss in tax revenue.

I have made a video on the difference in car price in Indian and Nepali market:

And I have also made a video on Lamborghini cars:

Please comment on the videos and here are some photos of DC AVenti I found in Facebook.

DC Aventi car parked photo shared by Bipin Ojha

DC Aventi car taken from a vehicle

Another sighting of DC Aventi car in Kathmandu

DC Aventi car parked photo shared by Prajwal Raj Dhungel

DC Aventi car Photo shared by Prajwal Luitel

DC Aventi car parked photo shared by Prajwal Parajuli

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