Its a suspense, will Jhyanakuti feature Nisha Adhikari ?

The film produced by actress Nisha Adhikari has a suspense – does it have Nisha Adhikari in a role or not. That is because the lead actress of the movie is Benisha Hamala and she is featured opposite to Saugat Malla. Initially it was believed that Nisha will be in the movie by default because she is the producer of the movie. But, when Nisha wasn’t featured in the trailer released recently, people have started wondering if Nisha is in the film or not.

The comedy movie features a couple played by Benisha Hamala and Saugat Malla. The movie directed by Simosh Sunuwar was being shot in Chitwan when Nisha Adhikari announced her marriage. Nisha who is trained in acting in the USA has a long-term plan of directing movies. In the production debut movie she had also worked as the choreographer. The director Simosh has also jointly produced the movie. Simosh had directed movies like ‘Mission Paisa’ and ‘First Love’.

The marriage of Nisha with Sharad Veswakar in June is also believed to be the reason behind the delay in the release of the movie.

About ‘Jhyanakuti’

The production debut of actress Nisha Adhikari features Saugat and Benisha with Sumi Moktan, Jiwan Bhattarai and Puskar Gurung. The script written by Pradep Bhardwoj is edited by Simosh Sunuwar himself. The cinematographer of the movie is Hari Humagain.

The trailer is funny and leaves something to desired. The trailer has been successful in creating the curiosity required for a movie to be successful.

The assistant director is Asish Luitel, VFX by Manoj Shrestha, music by Sanish Sunuwar and Bikash Chaudhary, lyrics by Sanish Sunuwar and Pradeep Bhardwaj, background score by Kiran Tuladhar, choreography by Simosh Sunuwar and Nisha Adhikari. The movie is scheduled to releas on Mangsir 1 (17th November, 2017).

Watch the trailer of the movie:

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