Jism unit arrested with Archana Paneru and Raju Giri in Pokhara, by Film Development Board order

On the request of the Film Development Board (FDB), the police in Pokhara has arrested the entire shooting crew of upcoming controversial movie, ‘Jism’. Talking to an online media, FDB chief, Rajkumar Rai has confirmed that the arrest was made after the request of the Board. Watch a video report on the incident:

Why was ‘Jism’ unit arrested?

According to Rajkumar Rai (FDB chair):

  • ‘Jism’ script wasn’t approved by the FDB. The Board members were still discussing on the whether the movie should be approved.
  • Rai says, Giri was arrested because he didn’t listen to the board. Rai had told that he had called Giri and asked him to stop the shooting but, he didn’t comply to his order.
  • The Board is discussing if Archana Paneru should be allowed to be featured as an actress in Nepali movie.

According to Raju Giri (‘Jism’ director):

  • Raju Giri and the film production team had submitted the script of the movie to the Film Development Board on 20th. He had also paid all the dues to the FDB for the script registration.
  • When he the script wasn’t approved till the 23rd, the film production team had gone to Pokhara to commence the shooting.
  • Raju Giri claims that the story of the movie is very good and there is no reason FDB should not approve it.

According to Archana Paneru:

The actress the main reason for the delay in the approval is Archana Paneru. She was previously arrested with her mother for promoting vulgarity in the society and was released on the condition she stop doing such things. In an interview, the real reason behind the arrest is not the story of the movie but because some of the directors and producers want to take revenge.

In an interview, Archana Paneru had accused film director Simosh Sunuwar and producers Teken Khadka, Arujn Kumar and Madhav Wagle of asking her not to do Raju Giri movie. Archana says, that those people were behind the current arrest.

Previous video about the accusation:

Report of Archana’s debut in ‘Jism’:


archana paneru mom sunita paneru with director raju giri

Photo – The mother of Archana Paneru, Sunita Paneru with the director of ‘Jism’, Raju Giri in Pokhara. Photo at the shooting location Pokhara. Sunita is also featured as the mother of the character played by her daughter.

Photo – Archana Paneru in Pokhara during the shooting of ‘Jism’.

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