Kanchhi, from one lion’s den to another, escapes Kri but clashes with Mangalam

The clash between two of the most awaited movies of the year has been avoided after ‘Kanchhi’ decided to re-schedule the release date of the movie. Earlier, both ‘Kri’ and ‘Kanchhi’ had announced the release of the movie on February 9, 2018. Anmol’s highly awaited movie was delayed more than once before. I had also prepared a video report on the release date controversy earlier (video attached at the end of the post.)

Now, Shweta Khadka, has told that she is willing to get flexible and let ‘Kri’ release on that day. The new schedule, a week later, on February 16, 2018 isn’t risk-free either. That is because, Chhabi Raj Ojha’s movie ‘Mangalam’ is also releasing on February 16. Chhabi’s movie was previously scheduled to release on Dashain but was delayed to let ‘Chhakka Panja 2’ to release at that time. Although ‘Kanchhi’ has more publicity because of the sympathy towards Shweta, the widow of late Shree Krishna Shrestha, Chhabi’s movie can’t be undermined. Known as one of the top producers in the movie industry, most of Chhabi’s movie are successful.

Talking about the rescheduling, Shweta told, “I din’t want to clash with another movie like that. When I tried to contact the ‘Kri’ team they didn’t respond. Then, I decided to change the date.”

‘Kanchhi’ is directed by the director of ‘Kohinoor’, Aakash Adhikari. The movie features Dayahang Rai and Shweta Khadka in leading role.

Watch a video report about ‘Kanchhi’s song:

Which film is more risky, Kri or Mangalam?

Although Shweta decided to change the release date, I think she has made a bad decision. I think, delay by a week is not going to make any difference. Here are my reasons:

  • Delay was unnecessary - ‘Kanchhi’ was safe from ‘Kri’. I had written why the same release date doesn’t make any difference. Good films thrive when there is a competition. I have discussed this case in the following video.
  • Shadow effect  – A week delay might be worse. If ‘Kri’ becomes a super hit (there is a huge possibility), viewers won’t be reduced in a week. There will be more viewers and additional theatres will go to the movie. In such case, the movies released on the following week will fall in shadow.
  • Bigger competition – The viewers of ‘Kri’ and ‘Kanchhi’ were different (at least in the first few days). But, the viewers of ‘Mangalam’ and ‘Kanchhi’ are same people from the beginning. So, Chhabi’s movie is a bigger competition to Shweta’s film.
  • Clash with tiger producer – Chhabi is known as ‘Tiger producer’ as he knows how to make a film successful. Shweta is a new entry.

A previous video report:

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