Keki and Nandita performed in Miss Nepal US 2015 beauty contest in New York

The fifth edition of Miss Nepal US was held in New York among a huge crowd of Nepali living in the USA. Two Nepali actresses, Keki Adhikari and Nandita KC had also performed in the event. Actress Manisha Koirala was also present in the event. Other bollywood actors and Nepali actors like Sunil Thapa were also present in the event. Most of these film artists were in the USA to participate in FOG festival in California, held earlier.

Priyanka Thapaliya, a resident of North Carolina, has wont this years Miss Nepal US title. Kaushila Lama and Neha Jha have won the first and second runner up titles respectively. The winners were selected from the pool of ten finalists of the contest.

keki adhikari and nandita kc in miss nepal us 2015 backstage1

After the event, Manisha has appreciated the effort of the organizer Amit Shah in a Facebook post. Former CNN anchor, Kiran Chhetry had conducted the program. The proceeds collected from the contest will go to the earthquake relief effort in Nepal.

manisha koirala appreciates organizers

This was the fifth edition of the contest that started in the year 2011. After that, the contest is being held annually among the US/Canada resident girls of Nepali origin.

More details of Miss Nepal US 2015 in

Following historical photos were collected to share in Twitter.

Miss Nepal US 2015 was Sujita Basnet:

miss nepal us 2011

Miss Nepal US 2013 was Astha Shrestha

miss nepal us 2013

Miss Nepal US 2012 was Bartika Rai

miss nepal us 2012

Miss Nepal US 2014 was Khusbu Mishra

miss nepal us 2014

And, the current Miss Nepal US is Priyanka Thapaliya

miss nepal us 2015

UPDATE (photo credit Pradeep Thapa):

miss nepal us 201511

Keki Adhikari, Nandita KC and Shankar BC dancing in Miss Nepal US 2015 stage.

miss nepal us 20159

Manisha Koirala

miss nepal us 2015 manisha koirala

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