Kina Kina passes censor hurdle with an ‘A’ rating

After numerous tussles with the censor board, the movie ‘Kina Kina’ has passed the censor certification with an ‘A’ rating.

The censor board had previously objected on the bed scenes, nude scenes and kiss scenes the movie. Finally, a total of 10-seconds length of the movie was removed before passing the movies. Although some kiss scenes were removed, the nude scenes were not removed. An ‘A’ rated Nepali movie is considered not suitable for the audience under 16 years of age.

‘Kina Kina’ is directed by Ukesh Dahal and features actors , Arunima Lama (new face), Sashi Khadka, and Raj Timilsina in main roles. In the movie Rajesh Hamal and Arunima Lama had offered some hot bed scenes. It is reported such scenes were found to be suitable for audience and were are not removed by the censor evaluation.

‘Kina Kina’ was previously scheduled to release on March 8. But, the date is likely to be revised for a later date.

Ukesh Dahal is known for directing ‘Palpalma‘ a film about male prostitute.

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