Kishmat 2 inagurated, to release with ‘Nai Labhannu La 4’

In a program held at Ganesh Mandir at Kamaladi, the shooting of the upcoming movie ‘Kismat 2’ was officially inaugurated. The movie is a sequel of the successful movie by Chhabi Raj Ojha, ‘Kismat’. In the event, the script and the clap-board of the movie were worshiped in the temple of the god, Ganesh. In Hindu culture, god Ganesh is considered the god to help during the initial stage of any work.

kismat 2 inaguration

The shooting of the movie is scheduled to start on September 10 in locations in Jomsom. Director Rishi Lamichhane is directing the movie. Shyam Bhattarai was the director selected to direct the movie initially. But, as Shyam headed towards the USA and is not expected to return back anytime soon, Rishi is chosen to direct the movie. The director Shyam Bhattarai had gone on the refuge of Chhabi Ojha when he was kicked out of Rekha Thapa‘s movie, ‘Himmatwali’. To compensate for the unjust caused by Rekha, Chhabi had promised to let Shyam direct one of his movies.

The original ‘Kismat’

The original movie ‘Kismat’ was directed by Ujjwal Ghimire and was proved a hit movie. The movie featuring Rekha Thapa and Biraj Bhatt in leading role also featured Aryan Sigdel, Nir Shah, Harihar Sharma, and others.

At the time of the production of the sequel, both Rekha and Biraj have drifted away from the producer, Chhabi Raj Ojha. Rekha divorced Chhabi and Biraj is currently busy in Bhojpuri movies and is not willing to act in Nepali movies. Now, Rekha Thapa is replaced by Shilpa Pokharel and Biraj Bhatt is probably replaced by Kishor Khatiwada. A new introduction, Prithviraj Prasai, is also going to be featured in the movie. Other actors in the movie include Santosh Pant, Sapana Shrestha and Rashmi Bhatta.

It seems, no artists of the original ‘Kismat’ is going to repeat in the sequel.

Kismat 2 backstage artists

The backstage artists in ‘Kismat’ is led by the director Rishi Lamichhane. The movie is being made on the script of Samipyaraj Timilsina. Chhabi Raj Ojha is the main investor with investment of Dijendra Shakya. Madan Kashyap Ghimire is the cinematographer and Arjun Pokhrela is the musician. The choreography is done by Kabiraj Gahatraj, Kamal Rai and Ramji Lamichhane. Action director is Chandra Pant. Lyrics are written by Arjun Pokharel and Kiran Kharel.

Kismat 2 release date

Even before the production of the movie, the release date was fixed for the last Friday of the year 2072 BS. In addition to ‘Kismat 2’ five other movies have announced to release their moves on that date. Among them, four of them are sequels of previously released movies.

The main competition of ‘Kismat 2’, if all six movies are released on that date, are Rekha Thapa’s movie ‘Rampyari’ and Bikash Acharya‘a movie ‘Nai Nabhannu La 4’. Nikhil Upreti‘s movie ‘Lootera’ and ‘Chapali height 2’ can also be considered credible competitor of ‘Kismat 2’.

It seems, ‘Bikash Achrya and Chhabi are not in good terms. Last year Chhabi’s ‘Hawaldar Suntli’ and Bikash’s movie ‘Nai Nabhannu La 3’ were released on the same date, on the last Friday of the year. This year, they are again combatting by announcing the same release date on Chaitra 26. The shooting of ‘Nai Nabhannu La 4’ has recently started in Kathmandu.

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