Komal Oli to make a movie on her own life

It’s not only the Hot and Spicy role in her upcoming movie, Dubdaba, Komal has high hopes from another movie she is going to make all by herself. The movie to be made on her own story will portray the struggle she did as a single woman.

For the movie that will start it’s production in the year 2012, Komal has already started the script writing. Apart from herself, an unmarried woman, the movie will also feature women who loss their husband and are forced to live alone.

The director of Dubdaba, Agraj KC says that Komal is a seasoned actress and she is a horse of long race. That can also be seen in many of her music videos in which, she acts like a professional actress.

Life of single women is not easy in male dominated society like that in Nepal. People think women are fragile and expect somebody masculine to support them. But, women like Komal Oli and Mithila Sharma have sustained without marrying and have shown that women can fight all the hardships and thrive in the society.

Our best wishes to Komal Oli for her courage and dedications!