Komal Oli to make a movie on her own life

It’s not only the Hot and Spicy role in her upcoming movie, Dubdaba, Komal has high hopes from another movie she is going to make all by herself. The movie to be made on her own story will portray the struggle she did as a single woman.


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Komal Oli to act in a ‘Hot and Spicy’ role in Dubdaba

A journalist / news reader Komal Oli has been a successful singer. Now, after two decades of singing, the unmarried singer is going to venture in a new field, acting.


In a press meet organized in Kathmandu, the producers of upcoming movie "Dabdaba" have told that Komal Oli will be featured in a special role. The movie to be written and directed by M.S. Agraj will also feature a song by Komal. The director told that Komal will be featured in a "Hot and Spicy" role.

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