Laaz and Kalo Pothi to be featured in Busan Film Festival

Two Nepali movies are going to be featured in the 20th edition of Busan International Film Festival to be held at Busan, South Korea. The festival starting on October 1.

The movie to be featured in the festival are ‘Kalo Pothi’ (The Black Hen) by Min Bahadur Bham and a short film named ‘Laaz’ (The Shame) by Sushan Prajapati.

kalo pothi

‘Kalo Pothi’ will be one of the 51 feature films to be screened from 32 different Asian countries in ‘A Window on Asian Cinema’ category. The 1 hour and 30 minutes long movie is made on the civil war in Nepal. The movie featuring Khadka Raj Nepali, Benisha Hamal and Sukra Raj Rokaya was shot in Mugu. The movie will also be featured in the 72nd Venice International Film Festival. (Click here for the details on the movie in the official site of the festival)

Cinematographer and film producer, Sushan Prajapati is debuting as a director in the 20-minutes-long film ‘Laaz’ (The Shame). The movie will compete with 9 short films from 8 different countries in the Asian Short Film Competition. The film is based on the story of the freedom of a kamaya, featuring Chabilal Choudhary in leading role.

Prajapati is the cinematographer of upcoming movie ‘Singh Durbar’ and producer of movies like ‘Apabad’, ‘Sanghuro’ and ‘Karkash’. (Click here for the details in the official site of the festival)

Update: A teaser of Kalo Pothi:

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